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Alexander Usanin's eBook “School life schedule” - Book «AN ALTERNATIVE GLOBALIZATION SCENARIO»

Alexander Usanin’s eBook “School life schedule”


According to spiritual teachings, the educational program of fate changes every seven years of our lives: every seven years, the laws of Nature encourage a person to develop a new, certain good quality in himself. To live in the same stream with life means to learn the lessons sent to us in time. Pupils in schools and universities look at the class schedule in order to prepare well for them in advance. It is also useful for every person to know in advance what at a certain period the Most High teaches and will teach us.

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In the book:

  • the lessons of the Almighty;
  • roles in a space performance;
  • Deja vu: we saw our future;
  • unity of religions;
  • the basis of inner peace;
  • track your motives;
  • track the motives of others;
  • the effect of subtle cosmic bonds;
  • harmonious families: mutual spiritual progress;
  • education under the influence of different qualities;
  • rights and obligations;
  • love and affection;
  • lost principle;
  • school life schedule.


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