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"An Alternative globalization scenario" and other books of Alexander Usanin
Alexander Usanin's book "An alternative globalization scenario"

A Political bestseller available to everyone!

This is the eighth book of the famous public and political figure, social philosopher, author of the Prize for kindness in art “For the Good of the World” by Alexander Usanin. It was the result of more than 30 years of his scientific and practical activities in the field of management and development of society.

The book analyzes the main current scenarios of globalization of society and proposes an alternative scenario that can help humanity reach a new, different level of spiritual and moral evolution.

What is this book about?

This book analyzes the main current scenarios of globalization of society and proposes an alternative scenario that can help humanity reach a new, different level of spiritual and moral evolution. The current model of society management has led mankind to a global systemic crisis, which can now be observed throughout the world, which can be overcome only on a fundamentally different paradigm of thinking and building a society.

Until recently, the West has promoted a capitalist globalization scenario based on managing society with the help of monetary leverage, uniting humanity on a universal consumer principle. But this scenario leads humanity to an environmental and moral disaster. Many owners of the financial and credit system have now transferred all their capital from England and the United States to China, investing the main resources in creating a digital control system to control humanity no longer through finances, but through electronic control systems, through artificial intelligence and social rating. There may not even be any money in this control system anymore, they can be replaced by a single social rating system, in which, for proper behavior and loyalty to the system, a person will have access to certain benefits, to different levels of the life support system. All this will be controlled through artificial intelligence.

People in a capitalist consumer society tend to misuse their freedom. In a society that focuses on money and consumerism there will always be lies, deceit, humiliation, violence and exploitation.
Already at the UN level, China is promoting the concept of creating a human community with a single destiny. What does “one fate” mean? This means that everyone will follow a single computer program where people will be taken away their freedom.
Right now, only two attitudes to life are being advertised: it is wrong to use freedom, or to deprive people of freedom altogether so that they do not use it incorrectly.
But maybe we need to start talking about the third, correct, alternative scenario: when people will use their freedom correctly, using it not for their individual well-being to the detriment of others, but where we will use all technologies, all our achievements of mankind in a positive key to prosperity?

It is no longer necessary to criticize capitalism now; it will no longer exist soon. Management on the basis of capitalism, where everyone seeks to live better than others or suppress others, leads to the destruction of the planet, and everyone already understands this.

Therefore, socialism is needed. But what will be the socialism of the future? What will be the next social model of society? Will it be based on external or internal control systems?

The Western globalization scenario is economic slavery,

The Chinese globalization scenario is a society of false humanity, electronic slavery.

where people will use freedom correctly, where the passion for consumption will be replaced by a passion for spiritual self-development, where each person will reveal his individual nature at the level of personal responsibility for the well-being of everyone.

This is the task that we need to solve today.

You can learn about this and not only in the book
“An Alternative Globalization Scenario”

Александр Усанин с книгой Альтернативный глоализационный сценарий
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About the author
Усанин Александр Евгеньевич

Alexander Evgenievich Usanin
A writer, public figure, social philosopher,
has been studying management problems and prospects for the development of society for more than 30 years.
The author of 7 books on the development of man and society,
founder of the Kindness in Art Award ‘‘For the Good of the World’’,
Honorary Member of UNESCO.

Book reviews
Леонид Григорьевич Ивашов

Leonid Grigorievich Ivashov

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Colonel General, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems.

With great interest I read another masterpiece of Alexander Usanin. It’s a masterpiece, because it looks at the modern world of planet Earth, at a specific person and the human community as a whole from the big Universe, tactfully refuting the achievements of all past and current empires, civilizations, states and global projects that lived WRONG, or not understanding the purpose and goals of your being, or using the wrong goals.

Every time I draw from A.E. Usanin’s books a lot of innovations and methodological tips for research work and for working with young people at universities. Peer-reviewed work is no exception. It is like the contours of a new world order through the formation of a system of human relations of “humanity”, the education of a new person and his state of mind.

The Academy of Geopolitical Problems, where Alexander Evgenievich has spoken more than once, this work opens up new horizons for research in the program "Man - Earth - Universe". Of course, I would like to be studied by those who determine the policy of the Fatherland. Decent and very useful work! I thank the author for it again!

Людмила Васильевна Кулешова

Lyudmila Vasilyevna Kuleshova

Major General of Justice, Acting State Counselor, President of the A.F. Koni Foundation

Here is an amazing, small in volume, but huge in semantic content book, which should be read by the heads of state, politicians, scientists, and people of all professions. It is intended for those who want justice on Earth and strive for truth, for great moral principles, without which humanity will not be able to survive.

    At the heart of truth and justice is the main core: Unconditional Love - a spiritual and moral category that defines the moral personality traits of every person living on Earth. It is Love, as the most powerful energy of the Universe, that gives a person a sense of responsibility, including responsibility for everything that happens in his life.

    We humans are one with the Universe, both inside and out, and everything that surrounds us gives us the keys to our inner self-development. The purity of the soul, an honest heart can change the whole world for the better. After reading this book, many will be able to reflect and ask themselves: “And what have I done for others in this life, have I sent my work and mind to creation? Am I a man with a capital letter? " With love!

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